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News vom 23. März 2002 - back in town

gday mates! from perth again!

coming from tropical malaysia to perth (westaustralia) 5 weeks ago we had a little bit of a struggle to get the bikes out of the port and to adapt us to the brightness of the land sky and beaches.what helped was the hospitality of a angloaustralian family (eric, anne and henry jennings) and the very helpful bmw club of west australia.

these people send us,as soo as we get the bikes tuned,to various places of the south west (with onfollowing invitations!) and the people of the partner bike club (vintage club of albany). all these people were very nice gave us free accomodation, sigthseeing tours (inkl. boat tours) and beer!

on this occasion we say thanks a lot to them!

now we prepare to leave for the north of australia, to see more beaches, gorges, bush and the kimberleys. also we have to extend our carnets de passage and our visas in darwin in 5 weeks time.

from there or earlier we give more news.

australia is great and hard its sunrays

dorothea und rene