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News vom 23. Dezember 2001 - whalesharks and temples

hmm time for cristmas greetings and reports we guess!

but first lots of thanx for the (christmas) greetings and good wishes.

we are in cambodia angkor wat right now. a good christmas present for us because it is really beautyful to look at. roads are hard and dusty but its all worth the effort!

somehow we managed to get out of crazy bangkog and found peace, palmtrees and lonely beaches plus seafood on ko chang near the cambodian border.
another christmas gift arrived in form of a whale shark the giant in the sea whilst diving in the gulf of thailand. wonderful how it swam 6 meters from us heading for the beautyful coral reef.

cambodia itself should remind us that not everybody in the world can have a happy christmas. many people (incl. children) are injured from war times. still there are landmines all over. but the khmer are brave trying to build up a future.

from this point merry christmas everybody and good luck next year.

dont worry be happy because you are better off than others!

dorothea und rene