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News vom 02. September 2001 - all is well in iran

hello greetings from iran

we made it through the tuerkisch customs but not so easily....dorthea with the tschador arranged it...

now we are sitting in a brand new internet cafe near teheran after a hard ride through the rainy alborz mountains

claus it was a pity that the package did not arrived but theey will in shallah send it back to you pls try again with poste restante islamabad main post office pakistan.

yussuf old friend we miss you too pls send the packkage back to carolin she will forward it hopefullzy in time to islamabad..

claus pls put the photo attached on our homepage he really deserves it.

Sure, here we go :


Yussuf, friend and helper.

Thanks a lot to you Yussuf, from all friends of Dorothea and Rene in Germany.

hope we can find anothe so well and new equipped internet cafe in iran again to give you news about us pls send us how you are...

dorothea und rene